Eleven Reasons Why You Should
Join the CMME Course

Join this course because...

    • You will enjoy it.

   • You will learn a lot.

   • It will help you to enjoy homeschooling a lot more.

   • It’s fun.

   • It’s an excellent course.

   • All homeschooling parents need ‘in-service training’.

   • It’s nice to look forward to a weekly lesson.

   • It’s good to have something of your own to enjoy.

   • It will inspire and encourage you.

   • We all need inspiration and encouragement.

   • Your children will benefit from your new-found knowledge.


 Would you like a copy of a short biography of Charlotte Mason?
 'Meet Charlotte Mason'


What people are saying about Charlotte Mason Made Easy ...

I just loved everything about the course. You have truly inspired me and I feel so much more confident to continue my homeschool journey.
 S R

It was all that I imagined it would be and more. L D

I enjoyed the way you gently led us. The course is so inspirational. J W

I was challenged to re-examine my own habits and attitudes towards education. I was given sound practical advice without any pressure to conform to any particular mold. I realize that I am doing well, and so are my boys! S G

The course has changed my outlook and we having much happier inspired days together. I feel full of inspiration and ideas, a longing to read and share times together with my children outside. Thank you so much. R L


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