What is Included in the Lessons?

This is a course for you, the parent, to help you learn about and apply Charlotte Mason's philosophy and methods.

As a course member:

  • You'll receive an email each week with a link to download a PDF lesson.

  • The lesson will be at least three and seven pages long, it's usually much longer than that. 

  • You will also receive the actual pages from Charlotte Mason's work which relate to the topic of the lesson.

  • You'll be able to apply ideas and see results from the very beginning.

In your first lesson you will:

    • Learn how to make a timetable which is tailor-made for your
      own family.

    • Understand how to fit in all the subjects you want to cover
      with your child.

    • You will discover a secret weapon for avoiding overwhelm.

    • Receive some of Charlotte Mason's work to read that will
      really help you to understand what Charlotte Mason
      was saying.

At the end of your course you will:


  • Be confident and knowledgeable enough to apply as little or as much of Charlotte Mason ideas as suits you and your family.

  • Have a personalized notebook to refer back to, full of ideas that really work.

  • No longer be trying to work your way through books and Yahoo group posts, trying to pick out the relevant bits and apply them to your own situation. You will know what suits you.

  • Know exactly how to apply each aspect like nature, living books, history, habits, science, ideas, narration, etc, in your own family.

  • Not have paid out for babysitters, put on lippy and driven across town to attend the course.

  • Not have missed any sessions if anyone was ill or if you are out of town for a few days.

  • Be reading Charlotte Mason's own work in small, easy-to-digest chunks, in a way which helps it all make sense to you.


 Would you like a copy of a short biography of Charlotte Mason?
 'Meet Charlotte Mason'


What people are saying about Charlotte Mason Made Easy ...

I just loved everything about the course. You have truly inspired me and I feel so much more confident to continue my homeschool journey.
 S R

It was all that I imagined it would be and more. L D

I enjoyed the way you gently led us. The course is so inspirational. J W

I was challenged to re-examine my own habits and attitudes towards education. I was given sound practical advice without any pressure to conform to any particular mold. I realize that I am doing well, and so are my boys! S G

The course has changed my outlook and we having much happier inspired days together. I feel full of inspiration and ideas, a longing to read and share times together with my children outside. Thank you so much. R L


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