Four Reasons to Steer Clear of a Charlotte Mason Education

Many people have considered using ‘Charlotte Mason’ to homeschool but they are discouraged because of what are perceived as weaknesses in the approach. I can think of four particular areas of concern for some people:

1. They suspect it might be irrelevant to modern homeschooling as it was designed for life a hundred years ago.

Charlotte Mason wasn’t living in a time of computers, cars, cell phones and the Internet. She was living in England, not North America or New Zealand or Australia or wherever it is that you live. So how can you apply her pre-technology, English, school-style education to twenty-first century homeschoolers around the world?

You find out that Charlotte Mason’s ideas work just as well today as they did a hundred years ago. Technology is different but people are the same. We may have different things to deal with, but Charlotte Mason’s ideas are timeless and relevant to us today. With Charlotte Mason Made Easy you will just learn how to apply the ideas to suit our modern lifestyle.

2.  They are unsure where to start and how to really make Charlotte Mason work in their family.

There is a lot of information around, and you may hear talk about living books and avoiding twaddle. But how can you find out exactly how to start applying this information and how do you know what books to read or how to work out the timetable? And how do you know what is twaddle?

From the very first Charlotte Mason Made Easy lesson you start to learn how to plan your Charlotte Mason timetable and Charlotte Mason lessons in a way that suits your family personality. Plus, you start to read Charlotte Mason’s own work, rather than what others are saying about her. It’s all laid out in an easy-to-read format with mother-sized chunks of information.

3.   They think that science and technology are not covered fully.

Charlotte Mason didn’t have to deal with all the technology. And what about science? And how do you do all that reading with several children of different ages?

Charlotte Mason covered the teaching of science quite thoroughly. Her approach to and understanding of this subject are timeless. On the Charlotte Mason Made Easy course you will discover that science is not complicated or scary after all. Neither is history, or geography, or grammar, or any other subject. Teaching is not scary; it’s fun and rewarding.

4. They find it hard to actually apply the theory of Charlotte Mason when they are at home with their children.

The children hate narration, mum doesn’t like being outdoors, there’s no time for copy work, the grammar book is boring, you don’t have time for all the reading, your in-laws don’t understand, … etc, etc.

In Charlotte Mason Made Easy you will learn how to apply your newly acquired information in a way that suits you and your family. You will get tips to inspire and encourage you in teaching your children. And you will have confidence in what you are doing so that concerned relatives will stop worrying about what you might not be doing.