What are people saying about my Charlotte Mason course?

Thank you for taking the mystery out of the subject of this wonderful woman. Our homeschooling has become much more calm and a lot less frenzied since beginning this course. Special thanks for opening the doors to rich and exciting literature! (Out with the twaddle!).  C F

Fabulous Course! I can’t wait for the next one!!. I have become more enthusiastic as we have gone along, and as I learned more about Charlotte Mason. I have appreciated the simplicity of the concepts presented – not too many but a good number of “coat hangers” to hang my homeschooling life on. E.g. living books, outdoors and nature, history, ideas. I liked learning a new way to appraise books and seeing the wonderful examples. J M

The course has changed my outlook and we having much happier inspired days together. I feel full of inspiration and ideas, a longing to read and share times together with my children outside. Thank you so much. R L

I enjoyed learning about Charlotte’s enlightening ‘ideas’ and ‘habits’. Her ideas just make so much sense. T J

The course has been the highlight of each week. I liked getting to know Charlotte Mason. Thank you. You are an inspiration. S H

I enjoyed the joy of being introduced to a magnificent lady – highly inspirational and at the same time, practical. P C

I enjoyed the way you gently led us. The course is so inspirational. J W

I liked learning about living books, helpful ideas, and the motivation to strive for better ways of educating. B H

The course was so full of practical and ready to use information. I feel like I am being filled up by just the course alone and I haven’t even started reading any of the recommended books yet! DV

I loved the inspiring ideas. R L

I liked the books and the ideas. K M

I loved the whole course. Every week I was completely inspired and sat for a few hours explaining everything to my husband. J C

I just loved everything about the course. You have truly inspired me and I feel so much more confident to continue my homeschool journey. S R

There was a huge wealth of information, time tested and delivered in a concise, inspirational manner. I feel inspired. Go national! Go global! C W

I was challenged to re-examine my own habits and attitudes towards education. I was given sound practical advice without any pressure to conform to any particular mould. I realise that I am doing well, and so are my boys! S G

It was all that I imagined it would be and more. L D

I loved the way you made it obvious that Charlotte Mason’s philosophy could be fitted into every homeschooling family. A W

It was a great opportunity to learn about a wonderful lady whose philosophies I want to make part of my lifestyle. The course has inspired many ideas that I am working on now. Thanks. C R

I liked the freedom to think about Charlotte Mason’s life and ideas without any rigid guidelines or methods. I liked your gentle confident approach, inspiring a ‘can-do’ feeling. Thanks so much. J M

This course has really made me think very deeply and critically. I have looked forward very much to Tuesday nights. I felt supported, thank you. I liked all the awesome books. I didn’t like the end – did the course have to finish!!

I liked the way you portrayed Charlotte Mason as a person and not a programme. I liked how open and accessible you were to everyone. K S

I feel quite confident now to read Charlotte Mason’s original books and learn from the “master”. I enjoyed being stretched to take in the ideas presented and think about how I could use them within my family. The time each week seemed to go too quickly. C B

I liked the amazing wealth of knowledge and information and the reassurance that I can relax and enjoy my children (and they me) while imparting knowledge and a love of learning to them. J X

I liked the wonderful books recommended and the inspiration to read Charlotte Mason’s original work. K S

This was a wonderful introduction to immersion into Charlotte Mason’s ideas about education. There was a good combination of putting us into direct contact with her thinking and whetting our appetite for more, along with practical sharing about how Charlotte Mason’s ideas have impacted your practice of education. I liked the excellent, well-chosen excerpts in the assignments and being pushed to read Charlotte directly. I like the practical examples from your life with your children and the compassion and sensitivity and respect for participants. V R

I liked your enthusiasm – it’s infectious! I feel renewed! My excitement about homeschooling had been dulled as I floundered in the first year and now I look forward to each day. Thank you for your inspiration and for introducing us to Charlotte Mason herself. N C

I liked the good challenge to change the way we live, educate and are educated; I liked the good order of subjects we covered. I have realised that we can enjoy life without the pressures of curriculum or text books and learn every day. M-J